Complex litigation

In the context of complex litigation

(corporate finance, governance, commercial litigation) we are particularly involved in:


  • disputes relating to the performance of shareholders’ agreements, sale agreements, and more generally in connection with the application of corporate and financial documentation,
  • disputes between shareholder(s) and executive(s), which may, in particular, involve the implementation of urgent measures such as the use of a provisional administrator or ad hoc representative, injunctive or probationary injunctions, the monitoring of procedures relating to the revocation of corporate offices, the appointment of experts in the event of a valuation dispute, etc,
  • pre-litigation and litigation relating to acquisitions or divestments, the implementation of asset and liability warranties and their judicial extension, the initiation or defence of proceedings based on fraud, contractual liability or tort, etc,
  • disputes between the company and its suppliers or commercial or financial partners.
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